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Landfill Sites and Our Ecosystem.

LandfillLandfill sites provide many benefits to the ecosystem. They are a necessary solution to a growing waste management problem.  Various types of landfills exist to manage different types of waste. They are effective in managing that waste and are often equipped to treat hazardous waste and compost trash. Some landfill sites are even able to harness the gas byproducts from that waste into renewable and environmentally friendly fuel.

Landfill sites can be managed for trash disposal at a basic level or at a more advanced level. Basically, trash is piled and buried and covered with dirt. Much consideration is weighed in choosing a landfill site such as proximity to rivers, streams and homes.  Rubber tarps are often put at the bottom level to ensure that waste does not leach into the ground to create a problem for the watershed.  Landfills can be managed with layers of soil, rock, clay and other matter to manage and compress the waste.  Sites can contain subsystems such as a place that collects the liquid that leaches out, a drainage system as well as monitoring systems for the leachate and gas.  Many landfill sites contain incinerators and waste treatment facilities to reduce the trash.  Sorting your trash can help your local landfill site do its job effectively with the least amount of impact on your environment.  For example, if you leave recyclable paper in your trash bag instead of separating it for the recycling bin, that paper can take generations to break down into compost.

Landfill operators manage various amounts of waste including hazardous waste and industrial waste and can even have beneficial tools such as anaerobic digestion systems that turn organic compost into both liquid fertilizer and a gas that can be harnessed to create energy sources for generators. Most landfill sites have sections for hazardous material that can either be disposed of at that location or brought to another treatment facility.

Your local landfill, tip site or dump does more than simply collect the waste that comes from your home and neighboring businesses. It manages all the waste and recycling for your area.

Many cities and towns do not want new landfill sites established. Urban sprawl and the way society manages their waste systems impacts how effective the landfill sites are. Some areas are creating landfill sites for foreign cities’ trash due to population growth and the manufacture of more and more disposable items.  Composting, recycling and alternative waste management systems shape the future in terms of the ability of landfill sites to effectively manage waste.