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Recycling Our Way To A Greener Planet.

RecyclingRecycling is the act of reusing products rather than simply disposing of them after you use them. To recycle is extremely helpful to your environment. The manufacturing process requires a lot of energy and raw materials. This uses up valuable resources and can also harm the environment. Once those goods are made and then used, many of them are simply discarded.  The process of recycling them either in your home for other uses or having them sent to a recycling facility to be either reused or made into something else is a responsible and commendable act.  Simply recycling household items such as clothing, cans, bottles and paper goods can make a huge difference.

For generations, most people simply put out the trash without giving a thought to where it went. Consequently, landfill sites are overflowing and garbage is a huge problem. Many cities have simply run out of places to put their trash and as a result, some companies and trucking companies now exist simply for the sole us of transporting garbage to other places. Small rural communities are protesting in various places in such as in northern Canada because new landfill sites or old mining sites are being used to house the garbage of large urban cities. A great amount of this trash could be recycled or composted but ignorance and laziness create a big problem. Many individuals don’t take the small portion of time it takes to sort their trash and recycle.  This problem exists all around the world.

Many places offer curbside pickup for recycling.  Sorting your recyclable goods such as newspapers, glass and metal containers into a box allows facilities to sort and put them through their facilities to either wash and reuse them or manufacture them into other useable goods. Many products go through a recycling process several times before they’re rendered useless. Some areas require recycling by law and will not accept trash bags that have recyclable goods in them.

Recycling items and reducing the manufacturing needs saves raw materials, energy and the environment. By reusing items, you reduce the amount of toxic gases spread into the environment by the manufacturing process.  Reusing items around your home helps and sending recyclables to facilities preserves energy and resources for the future.  Many cities even offer deposits on recyclable products such as aluminum cans and glass bottles for soft drinks as an incentive to encourage people to recycle. The more individuals who practice recycling, the better shape our world will be in.